Manager, Legal

Legal Manager, FFM Berhad – Sg Buloh, Selangor

Provide advice on broad range of legal matters related to the company’s multiple business operations. Day to day scope will include but not limited to commercial contracts drafting and negotiation, advise stakeholders on general corporate commercial matters, manage dispute/litigation matters (as and when they arise) and managing the legal and corporate secretariat team.


Job Responsibilities

  • Rendering legal advice, support, and guidance to various FFM entities which include but not limited to general legal advice on best practices for compliance, input on business decisions, contract negotiations, legal strategies for litigation and other legal activities.
  • Preparing, drafting and/or vetting documents related to the company’s business activities, e.g. contracts or agreements and legal documentation and statements as well as ensuring that the agreements are enforceable and in line with the company’s best interests.
  • Managing litigation matters, amongst others include appearing at hearings/trials as required, managing and/or gathering cause papers, documentation, and information as well as issuing letters on behalf of the company, e.g. cease and desist letters and managing external lawyers.
  • Conducting legal research based on the company’s specific issues to provide accurate and timely advice as well as determining applications of relevant/specific laws and legislations.
  • Ensuring compliance of laws and guidelines by providing appropriate legal guidance and advice, anticipating changes on laws and codes that the company may not be aware of and initiating actions to ensure that the company does not violate these laws.
  • Act as business partner vis a vis peers and management both within the legal function and other areas of the BU and the broader Company, providing legal advice and support, anticipating, and managing legal risks associated with the business strategy and operations.
  • Ensure the Group complies with the standard corporate governance, legal practice, managing secretarial affairs (if needed) and provide advisory role to ensure compliance with company procedure.


Technical Skills & Professional Knowledge

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor of Law (LL. B).
  • Proficient in conducting comprehensive legal research, analysing statutes, regulations, case laws, and legal precedents to provide accurate and informed legal advice.
  • Strong understanding of contract principles, drafting, negotiation, and review of contracts to protect the organisation’s interests and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Excellent legal writing skills to draft, review, and edit legal documents, including contracts, agreements, policies, memos, and correspondences.
  • Knowledge of civil and commercial litigation processes, including case management, preparation of legal briefs, document management, and coordination with external counsel.
  • Proficiency in employment laws and regulations, including hiring practices, employment contracts, discrimination, harassment, termination, and other employment-related legal issues.
  • Knowledge of corporate laws, governance best practices, and compliance requirements to ensure the organisation operates within legal and ethical frameworks.
  • Understanding of data protection and privacy laws, and knowledge of best practices for data privacy and security management.
  • Skilful in identifying legal risks, assessing their potential impact, and developing risk mitigation strategies and compliance programmes.